Friday, March 14, 2014

Is life miserable?

"Life is miserable ... " I heard this phrase many times , as many times I have heard of all the sorrow , pain and injustice in this life and in this world we travel , and not to deny this, or believe that everything in life is perfect, everything is rosy , not to deny that there is pain , injustice , anger , revenge , just pretend that this is not the only thing my eyes see or perceive all that my heart.

Some do not understand , and I do not intend to do so , but that's the decision you make : see life , whenever possible , on the positive side , instead of just repeating what I have said many times : " life is miserable " without trying to make it better.
I do not get tired of saying it, but maybe some are tired of hearing it , but for me , life is as good as you want to see the .

You can see the difficulty , lost hopes , or you can see opportunities for growth
You can see from the reviews that you receive only the desire of destruction, or your chance to make a change
Can you see just how much effort or time costs you achieve a goal, or enjoy its realization
On your climb to the top, you can only feel what it costs up , or stop and enjoy the view

You can whine from your mistakes and blame them on the lot , or assume them , correct , and of course, learn from them
You can see your dreams like a losing battle or a battle to win
You can learn from your pain, you find something that can give you happiness
You can see only the stone road , or actually see the way there after her and invites you to continue
There will always be difficulties that life, overcoming obstacles , breaking barriers is about.

In the movie "Scent of a Woman " , Al Pacino, in a speech given in front of students to defend Charlie says something I've always remembered : "In all crossroads of my life , I always knew , without exception , what was the right track, but never take it, because it was the most difficult ... ", the paths of our lives probably always be difficult and perhaps at some point , too miserable , but they are leading us to the realization of our dreams , goals, desires, but only if we dare to cross them .

So what kind of life you want to have a life full of easy things, unobstructed paths , which is not apparently so miserable, but you probably always left empty ; ? , Or a life in which you can fight to get tired in where every achievement bring the taste of your hard work , your sacrifices , or even your tears , a life of intricate but exciting ways, a life of storms , which ultimately always end up with a beautiful day full of sunshine and green grass and fresh , a life , even with its ups and downs , will always give the opportunity to grow , to dream, to love, to laugh.
Life is like you want to see the ... can be miserable , or it can be beautiful , it's your decision.